Buyer Intent.

Attribution alone is just a snapshot of the past. Segmentation, by itself, is only a glimpse of what consumers might look like. Predictive analytics, without seeing buyer behavior across the entire customer journey, is just a good guess.

Only by combining all three can you see what revenue

generators are really looking for: Buyer Intent.

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The Triple Threat

Stop buying ‘search intent’ disguised as buyer intent. Click360 is the only platform that combines unrivaled marketing attribution with behavioral segmentation and predictive analytics to give you the actionable insights needed to generate consistent and predicable revenues.

See click-by-click what’s generating revenue across all platforms, channels, devices and throughout time – NEVER lose attribution.

Segment site visitors by learned patterns of behavior that generate revenue (and of course, those that don’t).

Predict sales and revenue with insane accuracy based on behaviors indicating  when purchases are going to happen.

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What Our Customers Say

Get real-time Actionable insights in 3 easy steps

Full-funnel cross-channel marketing attribution, custom audience segmentation and predictive analytics in minutes, not months.


Drop a Line of Code on the Website


Connect your CRM or eCommerce Platform


Become a Marketing Legend

Pricing Plans

Built for Revenue Growth, Not for Ad Spend

No Additional Costs.

No Hidden Fees.

Sub 30 Minute Setup

Attribution Only
/ Month
  • Up to 500K Page Views Per Month
  • Up to 50K Contacts
  • Up to 5 Users
  • Standard CRM / eComm Integrations
Attribution + Segmentation
/ Month
  • Up to 2MM Page Views Per Month
  • Up to 500K Contacts
  • Up to 15 Users
  • Standard CRM / eComm Integrations
Attribution + Segmentation + Predictive Analytics
/ Month
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Behavioral Retargeting
  • Predictive Analytics & AI Modeling
  • Custom Integrations & more...
Volume discounts available for agencies and partners

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