With the most accurate multi-touch attributions in exitance across all channels, platforms, devices and throughout time, you’ll never have to guess  which channels contribute to revenue generation ever again.

Multi-Touch Attribution

See every single touchpoint throughout every single customer journey ever. Never question the key marketing initiatives that drive your most valuable revenue generating behaviors. 

Behavioral Segmentation

Segmenting customers based on on-site behaviors means you can personalize customer engagement based on exactly what it is that customers are looking for and how they convert to revenue.

Predictive Analytics

Want to know which deals are most likely based on behavior and what next-best-actions move customers to the next stage of the sales funnel? Once you know how customers behave, you can optimize for those conversions.

Increase Deal Velocity

Once you see the marketing initiatives and channels that are contributing to revenue generating behaviors, you can surface the next-steps most likely to move consumers through the sales pipeline.

Revenue Reconciliation

Ever have one of those weeks where your systems say you made more in revenue than exists in the bank? Of course you have. With Click360 you can account for every single sale down to the dollar.

Sales Resource Allocation

Instead of having the sales team working on moving customers from awareness to consideration and so on, you can allocate 100% of their efforts only to opportunities that are ready to close…. today. 

Revenue Credit for Agency Efforts

Is your agency always getting credit for visitors, leads and conversions but almost never revenue? Click360’s agency partners are often getting credit for revenue generation in excess of 50% more than they were getting from conventional marketing platforms.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Performance

Pay your affiliates and influencers for revenues they’re responsible for generating, not just flat fees and commissions. Better yet, see which ones drive the most revenue and margin, and reward based on performance.

Literally Everything Performance Marketing

If you’ve got massive revenue and growth goals, and you just need to see what’s working, what’s not, and which channels drive your most valuable revenue generating behaviors, let’s chat!

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