Behavioral Segmentation

This isn’t your typical segmentation platform. This is segmentation on steroids, factoring in the real-time patterns and sequences of behavior that indicate buying intent. You don’t want to just segment site visitors and prospects based on demographics, geographics, or because they come back to the site twice in a week. You want to group your prospective customers based on who will actually buy from you, where they’re coming from and which marketing channels increase revenue outcomes. Once you can do that, revenue generation isn’t a guessing game; it’s an insight backed, factually based and provable roadmap for driving repeatable and recurring revenue streams. That’s behavioral segmentation with Click360.

Segmentation Based on Behavior & Purchase Intent

How is this even possible? Great question. Click360 is continually measuring and learning the patterns and sequences of behavior that convert to revenue. That means it’s also learning when behaviors change and what the new revenue generating patterns and sequences of behavior look like. Most segmentation platforms will require you to input some rules based on the kinds of customers you think are your most valuable audiences. Instead, Click360 observes in the background what those behaviors are and surfaces the most valuable audiences in segments that you can input back into marketing and sales strategies. One segment might be your most valuable repeat customers while another might be your highest margin. Another cluster might be your most likely first-time buyers who need to see a particular offer or coupon before converting.

Segmenting based on activities or demographics leaves a ton of room for waste when 70%+ of the customers on your website will never convert to revenue. When you can group site visitors and prospects based on buying behavior and purchase intent, you can focus 100% of your efforts on the 30% who will buy from you. When that happens, there is no more guesswork in the revenue generation machine, and you can grow that 30% exponentially. See behavioral segmentation live on your site and you’ll understand why we say, “Stop guessing. Start selling.”

Segment by Behavioral Intent & How Customers Actually Buy From You

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