Multi-Touch Attribution

Attribution is table stakes. There, we said it. It’s an absolute necessity for any platform claiming to improve revenue performance. Good news – Click360 isn’t just another attribution tool. Click360 is the attribution platform for those who have tried every other tool on the market and know they’re still not getting that down-to-the-penny insight on what’s responsible for revenue generation. You’re not seeing the full picture and you’re not getting the actionable insights you need in order to make decisions. Your customers’ journeys are complex. they can’t be measured by the confines of platforms that can’t see beyond a few days or across all platforms, channels, and a multitude of devices.

When it Comes to Attribution - Click360 is Bulletproof

You need a platform that can see every touchpoint throughout the entire end-to-end customer journey. You need to understand which clicks belong to which individuals across the entire account or sales cycle. You need to be able to see when search or marketing intent switches to buyer intent – not just that a lead came from one paid channel or another. You need pinpoint accuracy on where revenue comes from and what combination of earned, owned and paid marketing strategies improve revenue outcomes. You need the most accurate full funnel attribution platform in existence. That’s Click360.

Click360’s multi-touch (or multi-channel) marketing attribution is exponentially more powerful than anything on the market for one main reason:  Because it has to be. Period. There are dozens of ways to do attribution and hundreds of tools capable of doing some part of it. Click360’s attributions have to be near-perfect down to the timestamp of who clicked what and when because the outcome is to understand buyer behavior and purchase intent. It’s not about connecting a click to an order, but rather about connecting that click to a behavioral profile to a pattern to a revenue event and the individuals who are generating those clicks. That means capturing every click across every eco-system of your business. It’s only when you can see every click across all channels, ad platforms, devices and throughout time that you can truly understand buyer behavior and purchase intent.

If revenue attribution is on your roadmap, take a test drive of Click360. Heck, run it side-by-side with any other platform you own are evaluating. Because this isn’t just another attribution platform. This is the ‘take this data into the annual meeting to demand a bigger budget for predictable recurring revenue streams’ attribution platform.

See Every Penny across every platform, channel, device and throughout time.

Never lose attribution again.

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