Learning vs. Rules Based Systems

One of the biggest differences between Click360 and most platforms in existence is that Click360 is a learning system. What does that mean? Good question. It means that most platforms will have a set of rules that they want their A.I to optimize for, and those rules typically don’t change. That, or rules are updated as needed to keep up with changes in the business.

Click360 on the other hand is a learning system, which allows it to continuously learn and improve based on behaviors in real-time. Customer behavior changes every day. In some cases, it changes every minute. A learning system gives businesses the ability to adapt with those behavioral changes so that they have up-to-the-minute actionable insights on how to engage consumers.

Ongoing Learning

As behaviors change, so do the things that generate revenue. Click360 is continuously learning which behaviors generate revenue, and which don't.

Zero Human Bias

Click360 is not not bogged down with rules & human bias. All it measures for is what's working and what's not, so you get the bulletproof insights you need.

Improving in Real Time

Many systems have to be retrained as time goes on. Not Click360. Continuous real-time learning & improvement means today's decisions align with tomorrow's goals.

Continuously Learning and Improving

Because the Click360 platform is always learning and improving insights based on real-time behaviors, you can have confidence that the decisions you’re making for the business today are in line with the best revenue generation strategies for tomorrow.

See Continuous Learning In Action

Curious to see how your revenue-generating customer journeys are continuously changing by the day?

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