First Party Data

First-party clickstream data is that on-site and owned media behavior that belongs to you and only you. No one is enriching it, co-mingling it or anonymizing and selling it back to you as  personas.

Data is quickly becoming the modern day oil; one of the most valuable resources yet vastly untapped. The good news is that with Click360 you can extract it, refine it and use it for your own revenue generation initiatives without having to buy it from the data tycoons. 

And the best part is that you don’t have to buy audiences anymore either. The more data you extract, the more refined your audience targeting becomes based on your business and your ideal customer profiles. 

Stop buying anonymized aggregates of people who look like they search for what you offer. Start targeting the audiences that have the revenue generating behaviors that actually buy from you.

Your Customers. Your Data

Everything your customers are doing on site across all channels, platforms, devices and throughout time.

Data Unique To Your Business

No two companies are alike which means your customer's buying behaviors are unique to your business.

Own Your Own Data

Your data is yours and yours alone. Not bought from or enriched with 3rd party data sources.

Imagine What's Possible

When you collect your customer journey behavior data first party, you’re no longer depenant on the algorithms or outsourced data enrichment of 3rd party sources or ad platforms.

Capture of On-Site Behavior
Owned by You
Unique to Your Business

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