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Digital marketers often have a common problem. They’re executing against multiple  marketing strategies, generating loads of website activity, creating hundreds of leads for the business and trying to make sense of all of it in real time. More often than not, they’re generally left without a ton of actionable insight into what’s driving revenue, and what’s wasting valuable ad dollars.

They have access dozens of marketing tools claiming to give them information about what kinds of marketing efforts are working, but typically the insight is based on transactional activity.

That means they have tons of information about who’s on the website, who’s opening emails, reading case studies etc, but almost no explanation as to what that all means regarding revenue generation. Because of that, sales teams often report that the leads they’re receiving from marketing are unqualified and not closing.

Prove Return on Ad Spend

Marketers are often asked to prove that ad spend generates revenue. That’s easy when you can see the exact return-on-ad-spend down to the dollar and cent.

Identify Revenue Generating Channels

When you see true return-on-ad-spend, you also see channels that return highest as well as those that drive the most revenue generating customers.

Optimize Customer Journeys for Revenue

Your company’s revenue-generating customer journeys are like no other. Once you see what drives revenue for your business, it’s easy to optimize for it.

Marketing Challenges Solved

1) Proving out ROI of marketing efforts
2) Understanding what’s driving revenue vs. what’s not
3) Justifying the spends of marketing budgets
4) Surfacing leads most likely to convert to revenue based on behavior
5) Identifying the most effective revenue generating channels
6) Making sense out of massive amounts of data

The Solution

By adding Click360 to the company’s website, marketers gain insight on what behaviors are indicating buying intent, and by extension which behaviors generate revenue. Patterns and sequences indicate where prospective customers are in the buying cycle, allowing marketers to engage them based on their exact stage of the funnel. Prospective customers are then grouped together based on their behaviors and marketers are able to use those behavioral clusters to inform how to move prospective customers through sales and marketing funnels, what kinds of information converts them to the next stage, and exactly when sales teams should be involved.


Real Time, End-to-End, Multi-Touch Attribution: Seeing what’s working and what’s not in real time means the marketers can justify budget spends, prove out ROI, ROAS and surface the most effective channels of revenue generation.

Automatic Segmentation & Measurement: Deep Learning models identify who is mostly likely to convert – meaning the marketers can focus efforts against the 30% of prospective clients who will convert, while saving and re-allocating as much as 70% of time and budgets to more targeted efforts.

Actionable Insight → Existing Systems: Real time information is pushed back into sales and marketing systems like CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation platforms, allowing sales and marketing teams to engage customers with the most relevant information based on what they’re looking for and where they’re at in their customer journey.

To find out more how Click360 can help supercharge your sales results, contact us today and try a demo.

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