Click360 for eCommerce

The customer journey is incredibly complex, regardless of how short or long it may be. For our eCommerce partners, it can be a matter of mere minutes between when a potential customer shows up on the website and when they complete their purchase. What’s incredible is how many different touch-points there may have been before that customer even showed up on the site, and how many digital assets they engage with en-route to purchase.

From multiple paid campaigns to organic efforts, landing pages, email and text campaigns, on-site content and even downloadable resources – every single touch-point along the way speaks volumes to the importance of each behavior throughout the customer journey.

Because there are so many different pathways to revenue in the eCommerce space, it’s incredibly important to attribute value to each stage of the customer journey correctly. Otherwise, companies end up with a very confusing and cluttered view of which marketing efforts are actually driving revenue. It also becomes incredibly difficult to visualize or understand which channels are the best top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel channels. Did a paid ad introduce that person to the business? Did an organic effort convert that cart?

Capture Every Single Touchpoint

Everything your customers are doing across all channels, platforms, devices and throughout time.

Measure ROAS Down To The Dollar

Your data is yours and yours alone. Not bought from or enriched with 3rd party data sources

See Which Channels Drive Revenue

No two companies are alike which means buying behavior is unique to your business

ROAS? Margin? LTV? MER?


Never be reliant on 3rd party paid media analytics platforms or eCommerce platforms alone to see which channels are working. See exactly which channels are driving revenue down to the dollar, as well as which channels are driving your most valuable revenue generating audiences. Create consistent, predictable revenue streams by understanding on-site behavior and purchase intent.

The Solution

By adding Click360 to your company’s tech stack, you’ll unlock the industry leading attribution, segmentation and predictive analytics that eCommerce leaders are in love with because they can finally see which channels are driving revenue from top-of-funnel all the way through to sales. Even though the eCommerce customer journey is short, it’s often more complex given the dozens of different touchpoints prospective shoppers can engage in a matter of just days. Regardless of how many channels they touch across a multitude of platforms, devices and throughout time, eCommerce marketers can see where each and every touchpoint influencers orders, as well as revenue generation so that they can optimize their ad budgets to maximize return on ad spend as well as profit margin. Now, they won’t have to guess which paid and organic marketing efforts are driving the most revenue. Click360 surfaces the exact revenues being generated by all channels down to the penny, while also showing you should be converting to revenue based on behavior.


Real Time, End-to-End, Multi-Touch Attribution: Seeing what’s working and what’s not in real time means eCommerce marketers can optimally allocate marketing spends, prove out ROI, ROAS, LTV, margin and MER while surfacing the most effective channels of revenue generation.

Automatic Segmentation & Measurement: Deep Learning models identify who is mostly likely to convert – meaning that eCommerce businesses can focus efforts against the marketing channels that actually drive revenue generating behaviors, while dialing back on those channels that either don’t drive revenue or aren’t sourcing the highest profit-margin orders. Now, you can retarget based on who should have bought from you rather than retargeting every single cart abandon.

Actionable Insight → Existing Systems: Real time information is pushed back into eCommerce systems like Shopify, Stripe and others allowing marketing teams to engage customers with the most relevant information that moves them through sales funnels with next-best action items.

To find out more how Click360 can help supercharge your sales results, contact us today and try a demo.

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