Deep Learning

A.I. is made up of many forms including Deep Learning, which allows Click360 to learn patterns and sequences of behavior as they change.

Continuous Learning, Improved Outcomes

Rules based systems like Machine Learning are great when customer behavior never changes, but if your customers think like humans, chances are their behaviors change every day, and a learning system like Click360 will continually optimize for those behaviors.
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Unparalleled Multi-Touch Attribution

Attribution across all platforms, channels, devices and throughout time - never lose attribution throughout the complex customer journey.

See every touch, on every platform & channel, forever.

Many platforms can do attribution within their own ecosystem, but few can actually see the thousands of digital touchpoints that customers engage to generating revenue. Getting bulletproof attributions out of the box is the foundation for analytics that generate unparalleled insight into the revenues that drive the business.
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Behavioral Clustering

When you can cluster site visitors by behavior rather than demographics and psychographics, you can optimize their journey based on individuals vs. audiences.

Optimizing Customer Journeys for the Individual

Understanding the behavioral profile of your most valuable revenue-generating audiences allows you to market based on what your customers want, and not what demographic profiles and audiences would want you to believe they're interested in based on the average customer profile.
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Graph Database

Connecting behaviors to activities to contacts in real time to get you the most actionable insights possible in the moment.

Faster Than Relational Databases

When you don't have to scan the table multiple thousands of times to find the information you're looking for only to them have to scan thousands of contacts to connect them, insights become real-time... as does decision making.
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Predictive Analytics

Once you know behaviorally how customers convert to revenue, you have the ability to predictively forecast how marketing efforts will convert to revenue based on real time on-site customer behavior.

Predict Revenues, Forecast Outcomes

Imagine being able to allocate budgets to specific marketing channels, platforms, even social media influencers while knowing the best days, times and content to post as well as what expected returns-on-ad-spends you should expect. Heck, you can even forecast future inventories based on current ad spend!
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