Click360’s Community Connector for Google Data Studio permits you to pull attributions data out of Click360 to visualize or combine with other data in your Google Data Studio setup. In order to use the connector, you must first have an account and be linked to an existing domain. You can get started here if you need to register.

After you have your account, select the Click360 community connector.

You will then see a screen that looks like this:

In order to connect to Click360 data, you must use your domain (e.g.,, your login email address, and your personal API key (available here).

The time period will allow you to select opportunities/orders based on their created date. It will continuously update on a rolling basis based on the relative time (e.g., this week).

The attribution model determines how credit for an opportunity/order is calculated. The attribution cutoff determines the number of days before the opportunity/order was created to calculate attributions for (e.g., only go back 30 days).

Finally, the attributions to split on determine how the data will be sliced and diced.

Once you have your connector setup, use it to create a data source or explore it. The main thing to note is that the data may not be available right away–it may take one or more minutes for the first time processing the data. If your data is not immediately available, try refreshing in a couple of minutes.

Our community connector is a work in progress and we are eager to improve it. Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues, or if you have comments or suggestions.