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44% of Customers Are on iOS14+ devices. 99% of Orders were tracked

Consumer privacy and data security are increasingly important topics in retail. So it’s no surprise tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook are increasing their efforts to guard customer information. 

While that’s a win for personal privacy, these changes make traditional data tracking and attribution methods a nightmare. However, as a leading eCommerce client in the sporting goods industry found out, partnering with Click360 provides the click-by-click accurate attribution data you need to stay ahead of technology and privacy updates like the end of 3rd party cookies and other advanced browser security measures. In fact, this eCommerce brand was able to decrease ad spend by 5.6% and increase revenues 274% all while maintaining a ROAS of 2.2+. 

“Click360 is a game changer. They never lost attribution for Facebook in the wake of iOS14, and while others lost money, we were able to gain traction and revenue.” 


– Founder & CEO


decrease in ad spend post iOS14


Tracked orders from ios14+ devices


increase in revenues

The Challenge

When this client came to Click360, they were using Google Analytics and in-platform attributions to optimize for spend — but were barely breaking even or even losing money on ad expenditures. Knowing they needed to spend in order to grow, they were just about to dial-up their spending in channels that Google’s data was telling them were the most profitable — which in hindsight would have been  catastrophic given the misattribution.  

Instead, they ran a side-by-side test of their reporting attributions with Click360. Right away, they got an enhanced level of detail and insight into which channels were not only driving revenue, but actual profit. It was clear that, of their 10 ad channels, several were taking credit from other channels because the customer journey was complex enough that their analytics platform was losing track of cookies, devices, source attribution, and more throughout time. 

Their most profitable channel was losing credit to channels and sources further down the customer journey, and some of their least profitable channels were overstating their influences on revenue generation. This insight allowed them to reprioritize their marketing spend on the channels that were truly the most profitable. They decreased spend by 5.6% and grew revenue 274%, all while maintaining a return-on-ad-spend over 2.2. MER (a marketing calculation that measures total business revenue over total ad spend) also increased from 5.7 to 8.15.

The Solution

Like many in the eCommerce space, this client was concerned with the iOS14 update. Industry peers around them were seeing drastic drops in attribution, smaller audiences and higher customer acquisition costs. However, given how Click360 captures and analyzes data, this client was able to avoid the drops in data and rises in cost per acquisition completely. In fact, even with more than 44% of their customers on iOS14+ devices, they were still capturing 99+% of orders through Click360.

Back to that initial comparison, Click360 helped them avoid overspending on Facebook, where the iOS14 privacy updates would have demolished their ability to spend on the channel. Instead, unbeknownst to them, Click360 was capturing the exact proper influences for Facebook down to the penny post iOS14 so that they could continually increase spending, increase ROAS, and optimize for the key audiences that were driving revenue.

The Result

This company was able to stay ahead of iOS14 updates and avoid any downturn in revenue. They were able to right-size budgets for Facebook, and increase spends where there was profit to be had. All told, they doubled their in-platform spending and doubled their return on ad spend—all while most brands fled the platform.

Going forward, Click360 continues to give them direct and unfiltered access to their data. That means they can continually optimize their spending for the customers and channels that drive the most revenue. As a bonus, they’ll also be protected against any and all future privacy updates of which there are certain to be many.

Staying Ahead of Attribution in IOS14, IOS15 and the end of 3rd Party Cookies with Click360

Click360 attribution capabilities are generally better because they have to be. In order to get the directional information that informs marketers as to the kinds of behaviors that create revenue, the platform has to be able to see every single click across all platforms, channels, devices and throughout time. It also needs to be able to see the order, sequence and pattern of those clicks in order to surface which combinations of marketing efforts increase the probability of revenue generation. It’s not enough to attach a click to an order – that’s where most attribution platforms fall short. Instead, Click360 has perfected the science of connecting clicks to behaviors to marketing outcomes at the individual level as a means of understanding how each and every person buys from your business. 

The resulting attribution is an incredibly detailed recount of everything that a consumer has ever done on your website, coupled with an understanding of which of those behaviors has indicated buying intent. Armed with that level of detail and insight – you’ll never lose track of the exact channels, platforms and ads that affect your bottom line and generate revenue – and you’ll know exactly how to increase the likelihood of revenue generation for your business.

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