Video: What is Click360 and how can it help my business?

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Video Transcript:

Sales and marketing tools have transformed how businesses reach their customers. They can tell you things like who has opened an email, when a customer is on the website and even what they may be looking at.

The problem is that most of this activity leaves businesses drowning in data without any truly actionable insight on the whole story behind what’s driving revenue, and what steps they should be taking to improve sales outcomes.

That’s why we created Click360.

It shows you exactly what moves clients through the sales cycle, what information creates better leads, and which activities are indicating signs of buying behavior.

Sales and marketing teams already have enough on their plate without having to guess what’s working and what’s not. Now, they can optimize how they engage with prospective customers every step of the way.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of asking your teams to assign values to things “they think” are important to lead generation and qualification, we use a type of A.I. called Deep Learning to do all that for you. That means Click360 can identify which activities are creating revenue, allowing businesses to do personalization at scale, create custom nurturing campaigns, and automatically funnel highly qualified leads to sales. And, your sales and marketing teams now have critically important insight on what actions should be taken to maximize conversion probability.

Let us make your marketing teams brilliantly insightful engagers and your sales teams incredibly efficient and effective revenue generators!

Got existing sales tools? Great. Click360 connects to just about every CRM and marketing automation platform.

Want to crack the code of what’s actually generating revenue for your company? Schedule a demo with Click360 and see how to put your clients on the “happy path” to conversion.