Predictive Analytics

If you knew who in your pipeline or on your website was going to convert to revenue and when, you would dominate your revenue goals right? Of course you would. When you can accurately predict with confidence which leads and orders are about to convert, you can allocate 100% of sales and marketing resources to those efforts and cut out wasted budget. You can also optimize for the channels and efforts that drive those leads and orders. That’s where Click360 comes in – the only platform that is actively recognizing the patterns and sequences of behavior that indicate purchase intent so that marketers and RevOps leaders no longer have to guess which channels to steer their budgets and efforts towards. Instead, you can focus on generating consistent and repeatable revenue streams while forecasting future revenues with incredible accuracy.

Stop Guessing. Stop Creating Rules. Just Generate Revenue.

But aren’t there tools out there that already make such predictions? In many ways yes, and we tip the cap to a lot of those trailblazers. Click360 however, needed to remove the guesswork from the typical rules-based or transactional platforms. Sales and marketing leaders don’t need to be coming up with complex rules or algorithms to guess which leads and opportunities are most qualified. Instead, Click360 simply learns the patterns and sequences of behavior that indicate buyer intent and passes that info back into existing systems. Now you’ll know who is going to buy, who isn’t, and which channels increase the likelihood of revenue generation.

Want to see what buyer intent from Click360 looks like? Sign up today and see for yourself, or run it side by side with any intent based platform you’ve already got plugged in

Confidently predict sales outcomes and future revenues with incredible accuracy.

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