Multi-Touch Attribution

Why put so much emphasis on multi-touch attribution? Good question. There’s plenty of platforms out there that can connect a click to a sale. And while that’s useful, it only shows you one part of the story. If your customers are engaging various paid and organic channels from multiple devices across days, weeks or even months – it can be impossible to see which channels are actually responsible for revenue. Unless you have Click360.

The decisions you make on behalf of your business are limited by the information and insights generated by your analytics platforms. Free tools lose attribution as customers change devices, return to the site organically, or take more than a few days to convert to revenue. Legacy platforms only capture information from within their own ecosystem. Most platforms are reliant on 3rd party pixels to capture their attributions and can only report based on the information they’re given.

Only Click360 will take First Party behavior from your website and connect it to revenues across every single touchpoint throughout a customer journey including all devices and throughout time ensuring that when you’re making vital business decisions, you have the most accurate and in-depth insight into which channels create revenue, and which don’t.

Want to learn more? Check out the Credit Assignment Problem from our blog or reach out to see how the multiple digital touchpoints of your business convert your most valuable customer journeys to revenue.

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