Nobody Ever Got Promoted “For Choosing IBM”

The old adage says: “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM.”

The idea is that it’s safe to just do what others do. You’re not rocking the boat. Not taking chances. Not standing out. Choosing what everybody else does is ordinary. It’s average. It’s… mediocre… but it’s… safe.

At least that’s what they say. But we live in a competitive age, and the status quo only seems safe. Great companies that played it safe have paid dearly for it. Their competitors–sometimes even competitors they didn’t know they had–were not complacent. Even if nobody has ever been fired for choosing the status quo, how many people have lost their jobs when their companies went under because they failed to change?

At the very least, few businesses grow when they blend into the crowd. And, certainly, nobody gets promoted for playing it safe.

No. To succeed in today’s competitive environment, businesses must stand out. To grow, we must be extraordinary. We must be effective, efficient, and constantly improving. We must experiment with new and innovative ways of doing things, and be able to measure what works and what does not. Our competitors are no slouches. We must be focused.

Ask yourself these questions: Have you hit a rut in your efforts? Are you growing as fast as you can? Are you on the cutting edge of your field? Is what you’re doing extraordinary?

If you’re only standing still, you’re in a very dangerous place.

Click360 is for companies that do not want to stand still. We do things radically different than CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms; Click360 applies Deep Learning (a type of artificial intelligence) and Graph Theory to learn the patterns of behavior that work and automatically recommend the best actions to engage each of your customers.

If your company is willing to do things different to significantly improve sales and marketing results, we want to talk with you.

Author’s Note: Of course, we have nothing against IBM, but the phrase represents an idea whose time has passed.