Click360 Gets a Makeover: February 2020 Product Updates

We’ve been very busy this month with a host of new product updates and reports! But we wanted to specifically highlight the most visible change: this past weekend we fully rolled out our redesigned user interface.

Of course, Click360 is still primarily an analytical platform that interacts with your existing tools. And fundamentally it’s about insights, data, and its second-to-none processing abilities (seriously, put us up against whatever you have and see for yourselves–we threw down the gauntlet on GA360 last week). But it turns out that making things a bit more visually appealing is very important to our customers. And, so, the the much-anticipated release is here!

The first thing you’ll notice is that the new UI uses an updated color scheme and logo.

Second, we updated the dashboard with more marketing-relevant insights, real-time leads and opportunities, scored leads, and opportunities created, to help you get the 20,000 foot view from the dashboard.

It looks a bit more visually appealing, too, if I can say so myself:

Click360’s new look and dashboard

We’ve also updated the reports views throughout, to add a more vertical feel rather than the more-dated tabs-approach. Here’s what we mean:

And, finally, we’ve added new reports and insights to help explain why the results are as they are, not just what they are:

We think this will be a great base to continue to improve the customer experience. Take a look and let us know what you think!